The Hollywood Hair Whisperers

Amy Goldreyer

Only in LA do nit-doctors make house calls It's a whole different ball game being a parent in Hollywood. Only in LA would you be able to pick up a phone and call in the services of a Hair Whisperer, aka Nit Doctor. The company, run by Amy Goldreyer, was given its name by Amy's script writer husband who came up with the title because 'it was really hard to find a name that didn’t use the word lice'. Hollywood famous parents aren't expected to douse their children's hair in nit shampoo or comb out lice themselves. Instead, the Hair Whisperer will make a house call and pick out the nits one by one. Amy doesn't rate either nit combs or tea-tree oil as a remedy; 'Let's say that, Day One, you pick out 100 nits,' she says. 'Each day, you have to keep checking your child's hair for more nits. Shampoo is not enough.' Read More
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