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About head lice
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Lice can't jump or fly from person to person


Head lice can affect anyone, no matter how clean they may be


Head lice receives their nutrients from the blood of their human host at least once per day


Head lice cannot survive for more than a day or so at room temperature without feeding on blood


Head lice cannot burrow into the scalp


It is possible to get rid of lice

If your child has come home with lice, they have crawled from one infested head to another or hitched a ride with a hat, comb or hair accessory. Nap time at day care or nursery school is a very common place for lice transmission, but so is the rough and tumble world of recess. Lice don’t move fast, but do move on a 24-hour schedule, taking advantage of any situation to spread. Lice bite and can leave small, red welts on the scalp, behind the ears and on the nape of the neck. Head lice live and lay their eggs (nits) about 1/4-inch (0.64cm) from the scalp, on individual hairs. Nits are resistant to most types of chemical attack and are firmly stuck to the hair to avoid being dislodged with anything but firm force.

Working with Biology to Treat Lice

Adult head lice are able to lay eggs as soon as they reach full size and continue doing so for their entire 30-day life span, resulting in as many as 100 nits per louse. This means that even if you get rid of all the adult lice, there will be plenty of viable nits and immature nymphs to take their place and repeat the cycle if they are not removed or killed during the initial lice treatment process.

However, the news isn’t all bad. Head lice feed on human blood and will quickly die without their food source. Because of this, you can get rid of lice that have infected stuffed animals, clothes and bedding by tightly enclosing them in a plastic bag for two weeks. This ensures all the nits will hatch and subsequently starve.

In short, the most effective head lice treatment is diligent killing and/or removal of all louse life stages as soon as possible.

Hair Whisperers Makes Treating Lice Simple and Affordable

Hair Whisperers realizes treating lice is only one step when a family is invaded by a head lice infestation. Our site offers tips on how to treat and clean your home after a lice outbreak, simple tips to help prevent head lice, and a checklist on what families should do after a child or family member has been diagnosed with an active case of head lice.

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