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Lice Facts
December 5, 2018

Staying educated on what to look for and how to treat head lice in children is a great way to maintain your sanity if lice do strike your household. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common signs of head lice so you know what to look for if your child catches lice...

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Prevenative & Post Care
November 28, 2018

We as parents do all we can to protect our children from getting sick, so we should do the same when it comes to head lice. Luckily, preventing head lice is a lot easier than it seems, and it all starts with a little bit of knowledge...

Lice Facts
November 21, 2018

Sometimes a bit of an itch may linger after treatment, causing great concern and anxiety surrounding the subject. Not to worry, though --- this itch is completely normal. Here, we’ll break it down on possible causes for you post-lice itch and some treatments that may cause relief...

About Us

The Hair Whisperers™ are a head lice removal service established in 2007 by Amy Goldreyer to get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of your home. We provide lice treatment throughout Southern California.

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