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Someone in your family has been diagnosed with an active case of lice.
Now what?

For those of you who have a child recently sent home with head lice, STAY CALM.
Head lice is not a sign of poor hygiene.

Immediately check other family members for lice and nits.

Notify people with whom the infested person may have had close physical contact with and let them know they may have been exposed to lice.

If the infested person is school age, the daycare or school should be notified your child has lice.

Begin treatment for each family member confirmed with head lice or nits. Following any lice treatment, nits should be removed manually.

Clean your environment.

Persons treated for head lice or nits should be checked for lice and nits every 1-2 days for at least two weeks even if a second application of the treatment is planned. If you have questions call us at 800-319-8751!

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