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Lice Client Testimonial

"Hair Whisperers are fantastic. Our lady came to our house and we were able to schedule an appointment that was convenient to us. She was lovely, my kids loved her and she listened as they chatted away as she combed through their hair. She was very knowledgeable and calmed me down as I have never had to deal with this head lice problem. All in all, a great experience - we are finally nit free!!!!!!!!!! Hope to never have to use them again - But if we ever get another infestation, I would call them immediately!"

- A.L., Southern California

Santa Monica Head Lice Removal

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Santa Monica Lice Treatment Specialists

Hair Whisperers Santa Monica has been proudly serving families since 2007. Our head lice treatments do not use chemicals and we do not sell any products claiming to eradicate lice. We use natural methods and products to get rid of lice, nits and eggs. Our head lice removal company consists of moms who can sympathize with parents and children, having all experienced the joy of lice ourselves!

We offer lice treatment during convenient hours, including nights and weekends. Because we charge by the hour and not by the person, getting your entire family checked is easy. Our single treatment option can save time, money and stress!

Hair Whisperers has helped families check for head lice and eradicate thousands of head lice infestations. Our head lice treatment experts in Santa Monica, California offer a fast, safe, and easy solution to removing head lice & eggs that over-the-counter shampoos and medications cannot. Super lice have now been found in over 38 states, including California. On average, our treatment is one of the quickest on the market and we offer options for all ages. Call us today at 800-319-8751 for all of your lice removal needs in and around Santa Monica, California!

Hair Whisperers Santa Monica is proudly serving West LA, Mar Vista, Venice, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Marina Del Rey, Playa del Rey, Bel Air, and Westwood.

hair whisperers southern california lice removal logoGet rid of lice today!