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How do I prevent my child from becoming re-infected?

Avoid head-to-head contact during play and other activities at home, school, and elsewhere (sports activities, playground, slumber parties, camp).

Do not share clothing such as hats, scarves, coats, sports uniforms, hair ribbons, or barrettes.

Do not share infested combs, brushes, or towels.

Do not lie on beds, couches, pillows, rugs, carpets, or stuffed animals that have recently been in contact with an infested person.

Always have girls wear their hair up, in a ponytail, and then braid the ponytail, and then put in a bun. There should be no hanging hair. As an extra precaution, spray entire head and bun with hairspray.

To help control a head lice outbreak in a community, school, or camp, children can be taught to avoid activities that may spread head lice.

Does tea tree oil repel lice?

No, although any oil like olive oil or baby oil could deter lice from laying eggs on the hair if you do not already have lice.

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