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Information for Schools and Camps

Sending children home with head lice is never a pleasant experience for the faculty, the children or their families. Hair Whisperers can help keep kids in school and at camp with our screening and on-site removal services.

Hair Whisperers seeks to offer an all natural, safe and effective treatment for head lice to help alleviate the stress that accompanies a lice infestation and help children get back into school or back to camp.


The Hair Whisperers™ are a head lice removal service established in 2007 by Amy Goldreyer to get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of their customer homes. Our head lice treatment does not use chemicals and we do not sell any products claiming to eradicate lice. We use natural products to aid in the manual removal of lice, nits and eggs. In fact, the National Pediculosis Association believes that our processes are the safest and most effective way to remove lice and nits.

Schools and Camps can now choose our FREE SCREENING services or ON-SITE REMOVAL services! For more information, email or call 310 990-1654.

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