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Lice Removal Products

Lice are every mom’s ultimate nightmare, which further exaggerates by thinking of preventing them from coming back. At Hair Whispers, our lice free products are Pyrethroids free. Pyrethroids and its synthetic derivatives are responsible for increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease and early death. These chemicals are found in pet sprays, mosquito repellents, and in lice shampoos – which is why generic, drug store lice treatment products are very dangerous for you and your family members.

To us, your safety matters the most. Therefore, our affordable hair lice products do not use chemicals and we do not sell any products claiming to eradicate lice. We use natural methods, products, and best lice combs to get rid of lice, nits and eggs.

Why go through the trouble of risking your loved one’s health? Go for quality head lice removal tools by proven professionals at Hair Whisperers.

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