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YELP Reviews for Hair Whisperers Head Lice Treatment

Hair Whisperers has received many 5 star reviews in the past year on Yelp regarding their lice treatment and removal service. Unfortunately, Yelp has filtered most of them, so if your review of our service is filtered, we will be happy to post it here! If you need head lice treatment in Los Angeles or a surrounding neighborhood, call us today at (310) 990-1654!

D B., Hermosa Beach, CA

Took my daughter for a haircut only to find out she had lice. Found these people on the internet, called and they had someone to my home within 60 minutes. Stephanie was professional and knew what she was doing - best money spent. Not sure about former complaints that all they want is your money? They're certainly not going to work for free - removing lice is not fun business and I was happy to pay for a sevice well executed.

Janine B., Los Angeles, CA

Our experience with Hair Whisperers was great! Amy, the owner, was so helpful and quick to respond even when I had to change the appointment right after talking to her. Carol, who handled the on-site visit, was early, super informative and amazing with our 9 year old and 4 year old. She checked everyone, even our babysitter, and was done in 2 hours. We have our follow up visit scheduled for Monday and so far our daily comb out hasn't shown anything. We are really pleased and highly recommend them!

San D., San Diego, CA

Got lice removal service done in San Diego. I was really pleased! I called on a Sunday and got a call back less than 15 minutes later to schedule an appointment ASAP. 2 hours later, someone was at my house to help my family. The lady was really personable and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about what to look for and how to preventl ice. I would recommend this service to anyone who is losing their mind over lice!

Heidi B., Agoura Hills, CA

We had a wonderful experience with Samantha from Hair Whisperers. She was efficient, informative, and kind throughout the process. It was so great to be able to reach the company and make an appointment for the next day, which was a Sunday. (I still have not received a call back from another company I had called.) Honestly, I feel like I would not be so stressed the next time one of my kids might come home with lice knowing that this company and their terrific service is there to help.

Tyla S., Culver City, CA

They were wonderful and so patient. Very reasonable and thorough. I recommend them to everyone I meet.

Stacy U., Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic service. This was our third time with lice in as many years, so I know the drill. I decided to try Amy's service, since my kids hate being in the shop for 2 hours every time, and you can't beat having the treatment right in your own home. Amy picked up the phone at 7:15 on a Monday am, and there was a technician at my house that afternoon. She did a great and thorough job; this was 3 weeks ago and I haven't found a thing in my kids' hair. I always got the sense that at Hair Fairies they have an unmentioned 2 - hour minimum for every person in the place, as I never got out of there in under that amount of time. For the three people in my house who had lice, the entire thing was over in 4 hours. The tech was professional, efficient, and very sweet. Highly recommended.

Carin W., Santa Monica, CA

Hair Whisperers were able to come to my house within the hour of our call. I had been battling lice for over a month and didn't know if I had finally gotten rid of them. I was so exhausted that I called Hair Whisperers to do a final comb through and check. I was so tired of washing sheets, vacuuming and combing everyday for a month that it was worth the peace of mind for 95 for the hour. A couple days after the comb through, I noticed what looked like nits in my hair. I called Amy immediately and was able to meet with her near her home in Brentwood with my hairs and nit look alikes on a taped white paper in a ziplock. She confirmed that they were not lice eggs and explained what real eggs were like. She was very accommodating and helpful. Thank you very much hair whisperers!

Trish W., Vista, CA

So good! I live in San Diego County (North) and was overwhelmed when I realized that myself and my 4 children had lice. I had done the otc methods and shaved my 3 boys heads. I kept combing and keep combing, and they seem to be ok. It was hard for me to check myself and my daughter has long hair and the lice just wasn't going away. I also tried the mayonnaise treatment on her before turning to The Hair Whisperers in desperation. They got back to me the same day, and Patty was at our home that afternoon. Yes, it is pricey, but worth the piece of mind and also the added information I received on how to battle these things! She combed through both my daughter and I, and also checked my boys. She left me a list full of after care instructions that have helped me relax and patiently deal with all of this. I still found nix/lice in the kids' hair for 2-3 days after the treatment, but not very many. I haven't seen anything for 5 days now and I continue to oil and comb through their hair each night. I appreciate the time Patty took to explain to me how to stop re-infestation and to educate me on lice, because this was our first encounter. I also highly recommend purchasing the oil and their comb (it is much better than the ones you get at the pharmacy). Because of this service, I feel confident that I can get through this ordeal and know how to handle it, if in the future we get lice again.

Deborah A., Los Angeles, CA

I LOVE this amazing business! I am single so a case of lice at our house is mostly difficult for me. I can handle my son's nits, but who will rid me of it so it doesn't just keep coming back? The Hair Whisperer came within an hour of my call and got me all cleaned up. Lice is a nuisance but a few actionable steps taken at the first scratch make all the difference between recurrence and complete cessation. The price is worth the peace of mind. I had already spent as much at CVS on RIDX etc. They don't work!

Richard S., Los Angeles, CA

I thought only children in grammar school contracted lice... How wrong was I? When my teenage daughter brought them home just a week before my wedding, I knew that I had to take action immediately and get rid of those little buggers fast! With all the last minute wedding plans we had no time to play around with chemicals, medications and treatments which in the past were not very effective. The Hair Whisperers came immediately and treated the whole family in a matter of hours. Gone in one fast swoop and in time for the rehearsal dinner! The Hair Whisperers were awesome! I Thank you, my daughters thank you, the minister thanks you and all my wedding guests thank you too!

A L., Sherman Oaks, CA

Hair Whisperers are fantastic. Our lady came to our house and we were able to schedule an appointment that was convenient to us. She was lovely, my kids loved her and she listened as they chatted away as she combed through their hair. She was very knowledgeable and calmed me down as I have never had to deal with this lice problem. I never felt any pressure to buy any products. All in all, a great experience - we are nit free!!!!!!!!!! Hope to never have to use them again - But if we ever get infested again I would call them immediately.

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