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Home Treatment After a Lice Outbreak

A few simple steps following Head Lice Treatment:

There’s no doubt that it’s vitally important to remove every adult louse and nit on your child’s head. Following are tips that can be followed at home to remove any live lice. Lice can survive up to 26 hours off the head. Lice eggs, or nits, do not hatch off the head except in extremely rare conditions.

Treat items that recently came in contact with an infected head

Wash linens, pillowcases, hats and hooded items recently worn in hot water and dry with high heat.

Isolation for non-washable items

If you feel there are “at risk” items that are not machine washable, set them aside in a plastic bag for a couple days. This could include stuffed animals, pillows, helmets or headphones. Items can also be placed in the dryer for 30 minutes.

Basic vacuuming

Basic vacuuming will likely put your mind at ease. Vacuum the couch. If you feel nervous, you may place a sheet on it for laundering at the end of the day. Steam cleaning is not necessary.

What do I do with brushes?

Boil for 20 minutes, soak in rubbing alcohol, or put in a sealed bag for a few days. Label all brushes so they are not shared. Do not share beds, pillows, or hats.

What do I do with hair accessories?

They can be boiled, soaked in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes, or put in a sealed bag for a few days, which gives the bugs time to die. Eggs will not hatch off the head.

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