Essential Oils to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Put a full stop to the infestation of lice with these essential oils.
Many people experience agony and panic upon seeing tiny creatures crawling inside their heads. While lice removal is a frustrating and time-consuming procedure, it’s always encouraged to go the natural, organic way. To remove lice naturally by combing is the only safest and effective method of getting rid of nits and lice.
You can make your combing more effective by incorporating shampoos with essential oils into your treatment. If you want to give them a try, here are the ones that might be helpful.

Tea tree oil
Many researchers have suggested that the effectiveness of tea tree oil for the treatment of lice and nits is promising. This essential oil has two constituents which have proven to kill lice and nits due to their insecticidal activity. You can either mix a few drops like three to five drops of tea tree essential oil to an ounce of shampoo or combine three to four tablespoons of carrier oil — like coconut or olive oil— with a teaspoon of tea tree oil and massage onto infested hair for 30 to 40 minutes.

Neem oil
Similar to tea tree oil, neem oil is also effective for natural lice prevention. Neem oil has compounds that effectively disrupt the life cycle of the louse, making it an organic insect repellent (for both gardens & fields and human heads). Neem oil-based shampoos are easily available in the market, or you can make them at home by adding eight to 10 drops of the essential oil to one ounce of regular shampoo and leave it on for 20 minutes. Beware of the smell though!

Lavender oil
Lavender oil is yet another safe and effective essential oil suitable for use to treat head lice, a variety of infections, insects, and even fungi. However, it does not kill the nits. All you have to do is dissolve two drops of the essential oil in 10 milliliters of water and use it as a hair wash once every week for three weeks. Lavender is also a proven deterrent against getting head lice in the first place.

We hope the above suggestions on the use of essential oils will help you and our lice removal service technicians to provide you the needed peace of mind!


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