Reason Why You Should Appoint a Lice Removal Service

Why go to a lice salon when you can be treated in thecomfort of your own home? Benefits of in home lice removal include:


· Convenience: With an in-home lice treatment service,children can watch tv, get their homework done, and even pet the family dogwhile being treated! Parents don’t have to waste time driving to a salon orwaiting their turn.

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Confidentiality – Our lice technicians arrive in an unmarkedvehicle. Even though every gets lice, not ever person wants to be seen strollinginto or out of a lice salon. Getting treated in the comfort of your own home isas private as it gets!


Flexibility – We have booked clients as early as 6 am or aslate as 11 pm.


· Comfort: Having head lice is no fun for kids or adults.Being at home makes the experience less distressing for everyone.



· Pricing: People frequently accept that an in-home liceservice is considerably more costly than going to a lice salon. However, HairWhisperers Lice Removal Services offers the same prices as less convenientsalons.  


· Professional: Hair Whisperers LiceRemoval Service offers fast efficient lice removal, using the best tools onthe market.


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