What Home Remedies Work Best For Head Lice?

If your child is back from a sleepover with friends and the parent in-charge mentioned that one of the kids has head lice, there is no need to panic. The good thing is that you’ve caught the problem early enough to deal with it.  You can simply comb out your child’s hair regularly for three weeks and get rid of the problem.
Read on to find out what could possibly be the best at  home  solution for you.

Its all about the combing!

The only way to get rid of lice is comb, comb, comb!
There are many products to aid you in your combing, lets go through them!
Start with the best metal comb you can find – most professionals use the Terminator comb, which has grooves in the teeth that catches the eggs and bugs.  Now to put something in the hair that will help the eggs slide out.
The best product  for combing is Nit Free oil, which contains Dimethicone, the same product found in most shampoos. Its non toxic and very slippery, which eases egg removal.

You can also use conditioner, olive oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil,  or coconut oil. Yes, people have used Vaseline or mayonnaise, but these are very difficult to remove from the hair and are no more effective than lighter oils.
This method is indeed time-consuming but still serves as the most effective and safest one.

Over the counter products such as Rid and Nix can be harmful to young children and are not 100 per cent effective.

We hope the above-mentioned tips were helpful for you. However, always keep in mind when treating lice and performing nit removal at home that it’s crucial to be careful and follow the instructions exactly. Failing to follow all the directions accurately with medication is one of the major causes of re-infestation.


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