7 Things to do with the Kiddos Over Winter Break in LA (That Won’t Make You Pull Your Hair Out)

Ideas for keeping the kids busy & entertained over winter break

Winter break is every kid’s dream come true: several weeks off school, winter holidays galore, and all the sugary treats that the season has to offer. Parents on the other hand aren’t always winter break’s biggest fan. All the extra time and energy keeping the kiddos occupied can be exhausting and add extra stress to the busy holiday season. Don’t fret, though. The Hair Whisperers - Los Angeles’ most trusted professional lice removers - have put together a list of 7 awesome activities for you and your kids over winter break with the perfect balance of fun, affordability, and enjoyable bonding time with the youngsters that you’ll both actually enjoy.

LA Zoo Lights

 la zoo lights
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What would the holiday season be without a spectacle of beautiful lights adorning houses and parks? The Los Angeles Zoo adds a new twist to the holiday light show with their Wild Wonderland of Lights. With stunning, colorful lights, snowflakes, a disco ball forest, an animated glowing herd of elephants, and a twinkling light tunnel, the LA Zoo turns your traditional light display to an enchanting holiday nature celebration. The LA Zoo also hosts special packages VIP packages like a slumber party and new years for special epic nights of fun. Open through January 6th, the LA Zoo Lights display is $11.95 for children and $14.95 for adults, making it a great nighttime outing for the whole family to enjoy.

Ice Skating

ice skating

A holiday season without ice skating always feels a bit incomplete. For an affordable, fun, and active day trip over winter break, head to Pershing Square’s Holiday Ice Rink for all the ice skating your holiday heart desires. With admission merely $9 and skate rental available for $5, the whole family will have a blast skating in circles, trying out new tricks, or learning to skate for the first time. Pershing Square’s ice rink also offers a variety of events throughout the holiday season, including out favorite: Wicked Wednesdays, where the ice turns green and skaters defy gravity across the ice to songs from the broadway hit “Wicked.” Dress in layers, strap on some skates, and skate the night away with a new skill and memories the kiddos will have forever.

Baking & Decorating

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With the holiday season jam-packed with one celebration after another, there is always reason to bake and decorate desserts for an upcoming event. For awesome bonding time with your kiddos over winter break, spend some time together baking and decorating cookies, cakes, and anything you can set your mind to. Some of our favorite easy-to-decorate treats include chocolate covered pretzel rods - topped with your choice of sprinkles and chocolate drizzles - and snowflake sugar cookies with royal icing and sparkling sugar on top. You will not only spend a solid chunk of time decorating and snacking together, but will make lasting memories (and perhaps, a new winter break tradition).

Sand Sledding

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Sand sledding at Hermosa Beach Pier, courtesy of Yelp

Living in Los Angeles, snow is a distant holiday dream. Luckily, we do have a nice supply of the next best thing just a hop, skip, and a jump away: sand! As a special surprise activity, grab some sleds and spend the day sand sledding on the dunes. There are great dunes for sand sledding located on Zuma beach, Hermosa Pier, and Venice Pier where you can spend a few hours sliding down the slopes (no jackets and scarves necessary!) and walking down the coastline for some outdoor fun. Best of all - aside from a few dollars for parking -  this fun LA winter activity is completely free!

Police museum

 la police museum
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For a unique museum experience that you and the kids will both truly enjoy, head over to the Los Angeles Police Museum. This hidden gem of a museum, for starters, is completely free for kids 12 and under and only $8 for adults, making it the perfect inexpensive day trip that your kids will love. With the opportunity to play in jail cells, take fake mugshots (hello, next year’s Christmas card), sit on a police motorcycle, and more, your kids will be fascinated with all the hands-on activities they get to experience. Not only will they have a blast, but they’ll learn about the justice system and the history of the police in their own town, making it a great learning experience for younger children especially. The coolest part of all: the chance to sit in a real police helicopter. Pro tip: before heading out to this truly unbeatable experience, call and check that they are not closed for filmings (for TV shows among other things), because they don’t post those closings on their website.

Donate Old Toys

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For a day in of decluttering indoors, take some time to go through old toys and clothes for donation. Remind your kids that there are kids who are not as fortunate as they are and do not receive as many new toys during the holidays as they do. Make it a goal for your kids to collect one box of old toys they do not play with any longer to donate to local shelters or charities. This not only will reinforce the spirit of the giving season, but will allow you to begin decluttering for the new year. Best of all, your kids will exhibit an exceptional amount of pride knowing they are donating to their community.

Make New Year’s Decorations

New Years Eve with Kids
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Perfect for anyone with a New Year’s Eve party in the making, have your kids spend some time making some decorations for your celebration. Using supplies from your local craft store and from around the house, take some time to design a photo wall - equipped with streamers, glittery stars, balloons, and anything their hearts can dream up - or a balloon clock for the big celebration. Once the decorations are all ready to go, allow your kids to make a year-end time capsule full of little trinkets and reminders of their favorite memories from the year. Have your kids write notes to themselves to open next year or fill out a new year’s resolution worksheet to set some goals for themselves for the new year.

Winter break is a great time for your kids to gear up and finish up the school year and for you to get some much-needed quality time with the kiddos. For parents, it’s also a great time to check up on your child’s health and wellbeing. A part of this check up should always be a quick lice check. When checking for lice, trust in the Hair Whisperers to take care of any and all lice infestations you may encounter. We treat lice in your own home quickly, thoroughly, and professionally as if you are our own family. That way, you can get back to the winter break fun you’ve been waiting for.


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